Bahman Azadfar

The Odd Relationship of Reality with Truth

Anything a living organism does is connected to staying alive as an individual or species.
Staying alive is the ultimate target for humans, and "Wisdom" guarantees that goal.
"Life maintenance" depends on knowing about "life generation". More knowledge about [...]

Why morality must be the origin of law in human society?

An intelligent entity, whether a unicellular organism or a human for staying alive, must comply with life's law instructions. In Volume One, I turned back the intelligence before forming the first living organism or LUCA(Last Universal Common Ancestor). There, we learned [...]

Extinction from Myth to Fact

Why things are going to get worse

In this article, "extinction" refers to the complete and permanent disappearance of a species rather than the death of an individual organism. No remaining individuals are alive anywhere on Earth when a species becomes extinct. For instance, Neanthetals(Homo Neanderthalensis) were extinct about 40,000 years ago, and you [...]

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