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This website is dedicated to the "True Philosophy", or a philosophy that makes the UDHR understandable and enforceable.
There is a vast potential in the UDHR's articles that could be released by the "True Philosophy" and provide permanent peace and development on Earth.
The lack of "True Philosophy" has deprived the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of its real capacity and transformed that document into a decorative composition.
The relationships among humans and between humans and nature shall be established on accepting and respecting mutual rights, but in practice, it is not so.
The "True Philosophy" is described in the six-volume books of Bahman Azadfar as a system of philosophy with excellent abilities to answer the questions that Scholastic Philosophy cannot respond to.
This website renders some information from those books and pays attention to additional topics that aren't discussed there.

This website consists of three parts: 1) the Main Page or Home, 2) Articles, and 3) Bahman Bolag or BB.
An administrator takes care of the contents of the Home Page and provides material from Bahman's printed books or articles. For instance, as you see in the Definitions, the admin has rendered some definitions extracted from Bahman's six-volume books.

In "Articles", Mr Azadfar considers the subjects that were out of his Six Volumes agenda.
"Bahman Bolag" pay attention to topics with more informal language to consider practical aspects of True Philosophy.

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