About website

This website is dedicated to “Philosophy of Right” or philosophy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

There is a huge potential in UDHR’s articles that could be released by the philosophy of right and provide permanent peace and development on Earth.

Lack of philosophy of right, has deprived the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of its real ability to lead the world, and has reduced it to a sideshow.

The relationships among humans and between humans and nature shall be established on “Right” instead of “Might” (= violator of rights).

“Might” is driving life on the Earth toward extinction. During 40 years alone, the world wildlife population has been cut in half . Climate change, war and terrorism demand real change in our behavior. We must understand the critical situation and change our behavior before it is too late.

We should ask ourselves: Where are we going?

Only philosophy can answer this and many other important questions. Our survival depends on the answers.

In the book Right and Might, the topics from A to Z are described. In that book actual problems and their solutions are considered. The book is the skeleton of the “philosophy of Right”. The task of this website is to add flesh to that skeleton.