Some contents from the works of Bahman Azadfar and other relevant subjects are selected in this section. All or a specific group of individuals are encouraged to read these materials.

Below are links to PDFs with brief explanations of their contents and intended audiences:

PDF 1: Denna PDF finns även på svenska. Klicka här.
The first attachment, titled "Edward Bernays, the Father of Modern Mind Manipulation," is an integral component of Volume Two. It sheds light on a facet of our daily existence that often escapes our conscious awareness yet significantly shapes our lives.
In connection with Public Relations and Manipulation, watch one of the Apollo Robbins (gentleman thief) videos as additional material.

PDF 2:
Entitled "Captive Conscience," this PDF encompasses the entirety of Chapter Ten from Volume Five. It provides a critical examination of the Judiciary System, drawing from Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes's work, "The Path of the Law and its Influence."

The administrator particularly emphasizes the value of reading this chapter for all individuals involved in the field of judgment. Your attention to these materials is greatly appreciated.

PDF 3:
Titled "Power, Corruption, and Crackdown," this PDF is a vital excerpt from Chapter Six of Volume Two. It explores the profound connection between the abuse of human rights and the unwise actions of societal leaders. The narrative focuses on the impact of power on individuals and society.

The text discusses how wielding power can induce stress and anxiety in powerful individuals, leading to the release of hormones that act as potent anti-anxiety and depression agents. Ironically, these biochemical responses may result in a detachment from reality, fostering self-centeredness, corruption, and violating others' rights.

PDF 4:
This PDF, titled"A Sui-criticus," delves into Bahman Azadfar's introspective analysis of his involvement in the 1979 Iranian Revolution. It marks a pivotal moment in his intellectual journey as he candidly acknowledges his errors and endeavours to rectify them just a few months after the revolution's triumph, which sparked his interest in philosophical topics.

The text also provides a balanced perspective on Iran's contemporary history, offering readers insights into the origins of the revolution and its eventual shortcomings.

PDF 5:
Experience the gripping journey of Bahman Azadfar as he unveils the chilling repercussions of advocating for justice in "A Mental Hospital Was the Realpolitik Answer to My Reasonable Request." In this poignant narrative, Azadfar recounts his encounter with the unforgiving face of power when his pursuit of transparency collided with the power structure.

As you delve into this narrative, you discover a governmental apparatus, even in a democratic country like Sweden, prefers to ignore its commitment to people's security. When a citizen challenges the government's disregard for the rule of law and justice, the authorities resort to drastic measures, hospitalising him in a mental institution and imposing the cost of unwarranted psychiatric visits on the very citizen, raising his voice.
Click [here] to view the payment receipt for the 400 crowns that Bahman Azadfar had to pay for this involuntary intrusion into his mental health.

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