Time for uprising!

The things are going to get worse

Despite scientific and technological achievements, things are going to get worse for most people. The pressures on humans increase.  War, the old evil has found terrorism as its new company and they together destroy humans and their rights.

Why are  the things going to get worse?
- Because “Might” suppresses constantly right, justice and law.

Why do the majority allow a minority of Might-ridden people to drive them in this way?
-Because they are confused and cannot find an exit.

Is there an exit for actual crisis?
-Yes, the relationship among humans and between humans and nature shall be established on “Right” instead of actual dominant “Might”.

How can we do so?
- We must know matrix of “Right” and “Might”.

How can we know them?
-Read the book, Right and Might / An Introduction to Philosophy of Right.

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