In “Might-pivot worldview” Politics means Realpolitik. Because Politics is the ability to organize the public area, it needs inevitably to wisdom, but there is no place for wisdom in atmosphere of “Might”. The only form of “Thoughts” that can exist in “Might-pivot worldview” is “Illusory Thoughts”. This sort of “Thoughts” is corrupted. Illusory Thoughts engage in lying, cheating, roguery and conspiracy instead of making wise decisions.

Lack of wisdom in Realpolitik makes it vulnerable to making wrong decisions that cause different kinds of crises. The scheme of Realpolitik that confronts a crisis is to create a new crisis. Each solution to each problem in Realpolitik bears within itself the seed of another and more complicated problem.

There is no moral in Realpolitik because wisdom is absent and lying, cheating, roguery and conspiracy govern. In Realpolitik double-moral, double-speak and double-deed prevail.

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