Time for uprising!

Our evolutionary flaw will extinguish us

There is a scientific fact that proves our brain have not evolved properly for thinking to long time and far place because at that time we were wandering around on savannahs of East Africa, our main concern was feeding ourselves in same day.

Time meant the interval between two meals. Thinking about what would happen years later was out of question.

Because of this evolutionary flaw, our species generally is shortsighted. We have no desire to think about the result of today’s actions on our future. The most important thing for us is solving today’s problem, even if today’s solution becomes tomorrow’s problem.

Our evolutionary flaw has caused many problems that drive us toward extinction. The solution of this evolutionary flaw is we allow our wise fellow humans interfere in this self-destructive path and correct the course with help of right, justice and law. Our wise fellow citizens can save our species.

How can they do so?
You can find answer of this question in “How a single wise person can prevent a national catastrophe”.

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