Might (= violator of Rights)

“Might” is sum of different of forces and powers that together give ability to their owners that they in favorite to their own interests deprive the others from their rights. “Might” says: I Live and enjoy my life but the life of others and their rights shall depend on my will.

“Might” started when the first animal killed and ate another animal. Then “Might” is a tool used to confiscate the “Right of life”. Whereas without life there are no other rights, “Might” has been the antagonist of “Right”.

Where “Might” dominates, the “Right” is in danger because “Might” can destroy “Right” whenever it wants.

Animals’ destructive instincts are the birthplace of “Might”. Humans have inherited destructive instincts from their animal ancestors and brought them to humanity.

Whereas the human is a strange composition of animal instincts and humanitarian thoughts and both of them exist in human skull. Then the brain of human is a place where it seems two antagonists should live peacefully side by side. But in practice it isn’t so, because one of them should take control upon realm of brain and the other should surrender the supremacy to the winner. The competition for taking control causes turbulence in human’s mind that its outer performance, is visible in human’s complicated behaviors, where “Might” and “Right” force humanity to fluctuate between “War” and “Peace” as ultimate contest of “Might” and “Right”.

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