Time for uprising!

Hold irresponsible people responsible!

Now, it is time to reach to “Right - Justice - Law” by a nonviolent uprising against “Might” as violator of rights.
"Life" is the most valuable thing on Earth. We are destroying life on Earth. During 40 years (1974-2014), the world wildlife population has been cut in half.

Climate change, war and terrorism demand real change in our behavior.
So-called politicians are incapable of saving life on Earth and solving its increasing problems. The best politicians are confused, and the worst ones are corrupt. The politicians are unwise and for that reason, they are irresponsible. The actual political system lets they distort the right of sovereignty to “Might” and with it deprive people of their rights, and drive life on Earth toward extinction.
This system should be changed to a wise and responsible system.
We need moral courage and common wisdom to confront the many problems that are going to be complicated with the passage of time. We need real and rational measures to stop the imminent catastrophe.
A nonviolent uprising against violation of human rights, animal rights and plant rights is necessary.
Choose philosophy of right as your worldview, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as your guide and start to fight against injustice.

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