Time for uprising!

Henhouse and farmer relationship

In atmosphere of “Might” (= violator of Rights) the individual citizen has no human dignity. The relation between politicians and society is established on the “farmer and henhouse relationship”.

In such a relationship, society is henhouse, citizens are hens, their votes are eggs, and politicians are farmers. The farmers appear in hen house, collect the eggs and disappear. The farmers have right to do what they want with eggs. The hens cannot sue them because farmers enjoy immunity of prosecution. The hens have one task: to lay egg.

However henhouse and farmer relationship does not deserve for human dignity but everybody has right to decent himself from lofty place of human being to place of a hen.

But what can do a wise person if everyone else has accepted the henhouse and farmer relationship?

How can he defend his rights?

You can find answers of these questions in “How a single wise person can prevent a national catastrophe”.

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