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I am furious about the human rights violations in the world, and I am obliged to stop
that process by demanding the study, understanding and enforcement of the UDHR.

The things are going to get worse

Your vote is your life

Henhouse and farmer relationship

You are human not poultry

Hold irresponsible people responsible!

Now, it is time to reach to “Right - Justice - Law” by a nonviolent uprising against “Might” as violator of rights.
Life is the most valuable thing on Earth. We are destroying life on Earth. During 40 years (1974-2014), the world wildlife population has been cut in half. Climate change, war and terrorism demand real change in our behavior. [...]

Transmutation of “Right” to “Might” in an actual democratic system in pictures

Each person has the right to make decisions about her or his private and social life. Whereas humans live together, they should make decisions about their society together. This collective decision-making is called democracy. [...]

The reason of increasing similarity among traditional political parties

In the atmosphere of “Might” all Might-ridden traditional political parties drive us, toward disaster; but populist parties are the exception. We will be driven faster to disaster by them. [...]

Our evolutionary flaw will extinguish us

There is a scientific fact that proves our brain have not evolved properly for thinking to long time and far place because at that time we were wandering around on savannahs of East Africa, our main concern was feeding ourselves in same day. [...]

A worldwide crisis-ridden Greece
How a single wise person can prevent a national catastrophe

Imagine a citizen of Greece, for example a primary school teacher, in 1995, suing the Greek government for irresponsibility and corruption. He has the evidence to prove his claim. Our teacher persuaded the judges if the elected politicians continue to barrow money, they will send Greece into an economic catastrophe. [...]

Silence is not answer!

When you put rational questions on desk of politicians, they unable to answer them, give you noting except silence. Neither silence nor prating is an answer to a rational question. [...]

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